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Focus on Language

Posted in Uncategorized door earlyrenaissance1 op februari 8, 2010

Focus on language


Type of English used in this period is called: Early Modern English (1450-1650)

Its predecessor was called Middle English

The change from Middle English to Early Modern English wasn’t a small one, it was an new Era in the history of English. Literature written in this period is still pretty understandable now. There were less variations in dialect and an richer lexicon.

The works of Shakespear and the King James Bible are written in this period.

Current readers of English are able to understand Early Modern English, although some problems might arise with grammar changes.

<u> and <v> were not yet considered two distinct letters, but different forms of the same letter. Typographically, <v> was used at the start of a word and <u> elsewhere; hence vnmoued (for modern unmoved) and loue (for love).

<i> and <j> were also not yet considered two distinct letters, but different forms of the same letter, hence “ioy” for “joy” and “iust” for “just”.

The letter <S> had two distinct lowercase forms: <s> as today, and <ſ> (long s). The former was used at the end of a word, and the latter everywhere else, except that double-lowercase-S was variously written <ſſ> or <ſs>


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